Top 5 Indian chicken specialties you must try at TAVA Fine Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine is best known for the flavorful blend of spices in every dish and a wide variety of ingredients. Of course, it may take a little time to adjust your taste palette and get used to the burst of spicy flavors of Indian food, but once you get past that, you will fall in love with the amazing mouthwatering Indian specialties. The Indian food varieties at TAVA Fine Indian Cuisine comprise a plethora of delightful vegan, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian options.

If you are a chicken lover, here are the top 5 Indian chicken specialties we recommend trying whenever you visit TAVA Fine Indian Cuisine:

Murgh Curry (Boneless)

Murgh Curry is a classic chicken dish cooked in curry sauce consisting of a unique blend of flavorful spices. It is made with marinated boneless chicken breast pieces cooked in rich and buttery cream gravy and traditional Indian seasoning. The mouth-watering aroma of Murgh Curry will keep tantalizing your taste buds. So, it is a chicken dish that you must try at least once! At TAVA Fine Indian Cuisine, we serve Murgh Curry with a serving of rice or naan as per the customer’s preference.

Butter Chicken

It is probably the most loved cross-continental Indian dish among Americans. At TAVA Fine Indian Cuisine, the boneless chicken dish is cooked in tandoori style with a unique blend of spices in a rich tomato, butter, and cream curry. The tender flavor-induced chicken will melt in your mouth and leave you wanting more.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala is a popular dish made with boneless chicken cooked in a gravy of cream, tomato sauce, onion, green pepper, and Indian spices (such as turmeric, coriander, garlic, ginger, garam masala, and other herbs). This perfectly tender and mixed-spice chicken dish is best known for its sumptuous taste and aroma.

Chicken Karahi

Chicken karahi is a delicious, spicy, and flavorful North Indian dish which is beloved worldwide. It is traditionally made in an iron wok (karahi). It is cooked with marinated chicken sauteed along with garlic, ginger, onion, green peppers, tomatoes, and a mix of traditional Indian spices. You can enjoy it with Basmati rice or Naan as per your preference.

Chicken Shahi Korma

Chicken Shahi Korma is a delicious and flavorful curry dish. It is made with tender pieces of boneless chicken cooked with fried nuts (such as cashews, golden raisins) in a rich yogurt/cream sauce and a hint of sugar. Its sumptuous flavors and intoxicating aroma excite the taste buds of every meat lover.

So, if you are a meat lover, make sure to try these top chicken dishes to experience the ecstatic taste and aroma of delightful Indian cuisine.

About TAVA Fine Indian Cuisine

TAVA Fine Indian Cuisine is a family-owned fine Indian dining restaurant based in New York. We serve flavorful, modern yet authentic, traditional Indian cuisine made with fresh ingredients and a unique blend of Indian spices sourced from different regions of India. Visit us for the most extraordinary authentic Indian dining experience in NY!


Want to hire a caterer for your next event? Here are 6 questions that’ll help you decide!

Hosting an event is a hectic job. You have to handle everything while also keeping in mind the unexpected glitches that could overturn all the hard work. Every part is an amalgamation of carefully planned details. However, no matter what the cause of the celebration may be, the food served is often the highlight of every event. So, as you run around selecting floral arrangements and decor and the best DJ in town, consider hiring a reputable caterer to ensure your guests have the best time and the best food.

However, before you take the leap and hire the first caterer you come across, you want to make sure your preferred catering company is equipped to handle your event.

We’ve compiled a list of questions that you should ask your caterer to ensure they are prepared for the job.

1 – How flexible is your menu and cooking style?

Food menus are lavishly stocked with the best of ingredients, making a recipe an aromatic and delicious joy-ride for our taste buds. Unfortunately, everyone cannot hop on this rollercoaster due to allergies and dietary food restrictions. An experienced food caterer will know this and are welcoming to any adjustments to the menus. Discuss the requirements with your catering manager to see if you’ll have the flexibility to customize the menu according to your preference.

2 – Where do you source your ingredients from?

Dietary restrictions aside, there are ethical issues many consumers are iffy about. So, find a caterer who is transparent about their food sourcing and preparation methods. Locally sourced farm-fresh vegetables and an authentic collection of imported spices are great pointers that you can add to the table menus for all guests to read about.

3 – What sets you apart from the other catering companies?

Every caterer has their own unique specialty that they pride themselves on. It could be a signature recipe or a cooking style quite unmatched in the market. Knowing this will give you a clear insight into their USP as you will know how fair is their catering charges as compared to others.

4 – Do you have the necessary licenses and insurance?

When meeting with a catering company, don’t hesitate to ask for them to provide you with a physical copy of their certifications and permits mandated by the Health Department. It is vital for every service provider to be insured for any unforeseen circumstances. So, check thoroughly before locking the deal.

5 – Do you accommodate staff uniform customizations?

As you try to perfectly color coordinate the decor with dresses, staff shouldn’t be left out of the picture. So, if the traditional black & white servers’ ensemble doesn’t fit well in the picture, ask the caterer if they offer any other options of staff uniforms. If they do, also confirm if they’re inclusive in the budget or will be added on as an extra while billing.

6 – What is inclusive in the whole budget?

Pricing is a grey area when it comes to planning an event. Food caterers often have some hidden costs in their proposals which may jolt your budget. So, ask them to be clear about the rentals inclusive and exclusive in the proposal along with the other additives of customization they might be charging you for.

There are usually many different things on your mind as you hustle to make the event go as smoothly as possible. But catering shouldn’t be one of them. So, rely on TAVA Fine Indian Cuisine Catering to ensure your guests are served high-quality delicious food that’s prepared with fresh, responsibly sourced ingredients and love. Call our team to arrange a tasting for your next event.


Signature Drinks from TAVA Fine Indian Cuisine to Pair with Indian Meals

Indian cuisine is a popular food choice globally for its rich flavorful diversity. Not to mention the aromatic richness with a healthy serving of authentic spices, it is a difficult combination to think of pairing with any beverage. But aside from traditional drinks like chai and lassi, there are some American favorite cocktails and wines, yes wines, which taste fantastic with Indian meals.

Enjoy craft cocktails from the TAVA Fine Indian Cuisine’s bar to complement your every meal.

Beer. Nothing unusual about beer with food, right? Actually, we’re referring to the beers that are not lager. TAVA bartenders recommend going the unpredictable route by opting for more flavored beers, particularly a well-hopped pale ale or an IPA.

Cider. Try a medium-dry cider with a mains dish immersed in curry, like our Shrimp Shahi Korma, and you will not be disappointed. This concoction brings out the flair of all vegetarian as well as fish recipes accentuating their rich spices.

Wines. Let’s continue walking the untrodden path and diverge from the expected riesling, pinot gris, etc. Take inspiration from the Italians and try Sauvignon Blanc with vegetarian dishes dominated by garlic, chilies, and coriander, like Tava’s Mushroom Bhaji.

Chardonnay. Next, order a Chardonnay with your plate of butter chicken and thank us later. Some would expect this classic to only complement a rich meal of lobster, but trust us and make your Indian meal unforgettable with this pairing.

Rosé and Champagne. Now for the element of surprise, a Rosé and even Champagne will make the vibrant platter of appetizers like fritters, samosas, etc. melt in your mouth with a spark of fireworks.

Indian Whiskey. You’ve been waiting for this to pop up, haven’t you? Well, unsurprisingly, this well-loved drink of the Indian Sub-continent deserves a spot on the list. A classic at every party, a strong glass of whiskey goes well with all sorts of meat recipes.

Cocktails. Keeping in line with the title, cocktails are not often ordered with Indian meals. But, you’ll find many new modern Indian restaurants in the U.S. serving traditional mixes with Indian meals. The youth favorite trending these days is the Gin and Tonic with a twist. Or you can go with your favorite Margarita or a Cosmopolitan for a tangy taste with your appetizers.

For the non-alcoholic crowd, TAVA bartenders have the perfect mocktails to go with Indian meals like our rich mango nectar juice and Florida orange juice. Food experts always suggest exploring kombucha with a tropical twist which pairs well with TAVA’s special spicy main course dishes.